Collectie: Carastelec Winery-Transylvania

Carastelec Winery is the first investment in Romania aimed at producing mostly sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. It is located in Crișana Region, which is one of the oldest wine-producing regions in Transylvania, close to Măgura Şimleului Mountain which is a crystalline island in North West Transylvania. Carastelec village has all the primary conditions for producing excellent sparkling wines: moderate continental climate and high diurnal range in the ripening period. The 22-hectares south-faced vineyards planted in 2011 sits on clay-rich soils and was built from the ground up for sparkling winemaking and it is managed from pruning to harvest according to it.

This natural amphitheatre near the village, on the top of a slope, is a real treasure hill with a specific microclimate chosen by Tibor Gál, one of Hungary’s leading oenologists, years ago. As with the selection of the site, all decisions have been and continue to be taken with the same thoroughness every day and always the aim of obtaining high-quality sparkling wines.

The grape varieties have been chosen based on the terroir and the mission of the Winery to produce high-quality sparkling wines. Almost half of the slopes are covered with Pinot Noir, used both for sparkling wines and semi-sparkling wines, Chardonnay and the local grape Feteasca Regală.

Carassia Selection adheres strictly to the traditional method, relying on bottle fermentation and maturation. What distinguishes these wines is the unique expression of traditional varieties—pinot noir and chardonnay—within the distinct conditions of our designated sparkling terroir. Hand-harvested grapes undergo gentle pressing and fermentation in stainless steel tanks to retain maximum freshness and firm texture. 

Long maturation is the essence of outstanding sparkling wine produced through the traditional method. During this time, the wine undergoes a natural creative transformation, developing a creamy texture, a rich autolytic taste, and a festive sparkle characterized by elegance, harmony, and individuality.


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