Collection: Kikelet Pince-Tokaj

This is a small family owned winery, located in the village of Tarcal (Tokaj), and managed by Stephanie and Zsolt Berecz since 2002. Loire-native Stephanie arrived in the region in 1994, after earning her oenology degree in Bordeaux, to work for the famous estate of Diszonoko. Here Stephanie met her future husband Zsolt and decided to open their own project. Today they produce some of the most elegant wines in the region.

Kikelet currently owns around 7 ha of vineyards, mostly in Tarcal on the way from Tokaj Hill to Mad. Here the soils are mostly loess with volcanic intrusions, and Stephanie was the first in the region to create great wines from this type of soils. Winemaking and ageing takes place in a 250 years old house in the center of Tarcal, hosting a beautiful underground cellar, carved in the volcanic bedrock.

Most of the wines here are aged in used oak barrels for around 5 months. Stephanie is an expert when it comes to balance, complexity, elegance and sugars. The two main grapes cultivated  are Furmint and Harslevelu harvested from different well established vineyards like Vati, Kassai, or Lonyai. Make sure you do not miss her wines.

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