Collection: Somlói Vándor-Somlo

Kis Tamás is the owner and the winemaker of  Somlói Vándor (The Wanderer of Somló). In 2010 after graduating from the winemaking school, Tamas started to work for the prestigious winery of Szent Andrea, in  northeastern Eger region. In the same year he bought a small vineyard in the tiny  volcanic region of Somló (northwestern Hungary) and started to produce wines as a hobby. In 2014 he decided to quit his job and focus mostly on producing wines in the Somló Hill region.

Today Tamás creates organic wines from 5 ha, in 14 different parcels up to  300 meters above the sea level. The wines have been produced organically since 2014, and have been certified in 2020. The grapes are hand  picked and spontaneously fermented with subsequent storage in a combination of steel tanks and Hungarian oak barrels. Somlói Vándor produces almost exclusively dry white wine, from the Hárslevelű, Furmint, Olaszrizling and Juhfark grapes. 

Juhfark is the star grape of the region as there are only 120ha planted and most of them are in Somló. Juhfark needs more heat in order to ripen therefore the terroir in Somló  is beneficial for this extraordinary grape.

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