Collection: St. Donat Estate-Balaton

The winery is located in the charming village of Csopak on the north side of Lake Balaton. It was founded in 1994 by Kovacs family, which has been producing wines in the region for over 200 years. The estate was name after St. Donat, the patron saint of vineyards in Csopak, who is believed to protect the vines against summer storms and hail. Olaszrizling found a new home in the village of Csopak, while Kekfrankos shows great complexity in the volcanic terroir of Tihany Peninsula.

Tamás Kovács is the wine conductor trying to express the different types of soils near Lake Balaton. Today they own around 15 ha in Csopak, Tihany and Káli basin. All the vineyards are organically certified since 2015, and there is little intervention in the cellar. Tamas Kovacas is one of founders of Codex Csopak, an independent trademark protection of wine quality, which was created together with the region's leading producers.

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